How To Choose The Best Car Speakers – Best Rated Audio Speakers

Most of the time car manufacturers install decent entertainment systems on their cars. It is undeniable that most of these kinds of entertainment systems installed by manufacturers are good car stereo systems. But for some people the idea of ‘good sound system’ is not enough.

Nowadays, more car owners pimp their ride starting on the inside. Car stereo system is the most common part of customizing rides. Car enthusiast wants to equip their car with the most sophisticated car stereo systems their car could have.

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Choosing The Best Possible Car Stereo Systems

Equipping a better audio and more bass and special features like navigation and wireless Bluetooth capability is the newest craze in pimping cars today.

If you are one of these few people in the world who wants to get their cat a ‘better car stereo system’ then reading this article will be a good start for you. This will help you find car stereo installation dealers.

Entertainment systems installed in major factories can deliver quality performance. However, car and music enthusiasts would like to have bigger speakers on their car such that it can produce more bass and louder audio.

In addition, more features like video, Bluetooth wireless capability, and navigation also give the entire system a boost. You can then opt to buy factory installed car stereo systems and then upgrade them with new components.

To begin with it is good to make a list of entertainment features you want your car to have. Rank the most important feature at first and the least important at last.

Example, in convenient entertainment system you get your car-

  • Bluetooth wireless for hands free use of cell phone
  • Navigation system
  • USB port

Or if you want some sophistication in your Audio/video entertainment system you can get your car-

  •  speakers
  •  crossovers
  •  DVD receiver

You can never get wrong on deciding to upgrade car. Of course the best to begin pimping it is from the inside, especially on you car stereo system.

This electronics devices is what young people always wanted nowadays. There are a lot of accessories that you can purchase and install on your car system. When purchasing one, always get a new one in the box as it will make sure that it is the original kits.

Why Upgrade Your Car Audio Speakers

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Every one of us relates ourselves or our own experiences to our favorite music and tries to start our day listening to it. Playing music in the car’s audio set while on the way to school or work is a really good way to start a day.

But for most of us listening through our car’s radio or music set is not a very pleasing activity. Listening favorite songs through old, tinny, crackling and distorted car audio speakers can be really quite exasperating and irritating.

Most original audio sets installed with your car are made out from cheap materials to lower the cost of the whole car. This often results to low quality sound of the speakers.

But for the past couple of years car lovers upgrade centers have already answered this car lover’s dilemma. Because of car upgrades like pimping rides inside out, car audio systems is not that big problem anymore as anyone can now upgrade their car any way they want.

If you want to install some new audio features for your beloved car you can opt for car audio speaker upgrade. This article will give you some tip top tips on how to get the best out from every dollar you spend for your car.

Getting audio set upgrade can be real expensive, and might cost you few dollars to replace every old thing you have inside your car’s audio set like head unit, power and speaker wirings and speakers.

Installment of some sophisticated features to power up your audio set is expensive too. Adding some accessories like amplifiers, speaker enclosures and other upgrades can be very costly and might compromise your budget.

If you want to take your upgrade a step higher, you can get your car exotic materials like carbon fiber or plastics that are designed especially for car audio speakers.

These materials are the best in the market in giving high quality audio and are very durable. Though spending big amount of money in getting audio set upgrade may not set practical, especially this time of economic crisis we have. But the result is always worth it.

How To Install a Car Stereo

How to install a car stereo

You can wire a car stereo system by your own without wasting any money that can be wasted otherwise if you hire some technician. There are few instructions, which you should follow so that your wiring and installation can be installed properly.

You should know how to remove speakers and dashboard of the car. You should have some basics instruments like wire cutters, screwdrivers, sand paper, wiring kit and tape that is specially used for this purpose.

First you should understand carefully the over all system of a car stereo. You should be well aware about all important components that include head unit, amplifier, speakers and woofers. These four components are considered essential items of a good and quality system.

First of all, you should place all essential items beside you so that no mismanagement can rise in the middle of installation and wiring. In this regard, you should have a car stereo and an amplifier kit that have all essential wires to produce signals and speaker’s wire to connect subwoofers.

You can also get important guidelines online. It is important to note here that you should not forget to have screw drivers, wire strippers, cutters, knife to cut wires, sand paper, electric tape, battery and any other equipment that is required.

Sometimes, you become unable to understand the positive and negative terminal. In such case, all you need to do is to use a battery to touch a speaker wire. At this stage, you should remember that battery should be not more than 9 volt. Otherwise, you may receive a powerful jerk.

However, if the speaker wire moves then it means that this is positive terminal of the battery. You should not forget that never put your signal or speaker wires near amplifier cables. It can cause great danger with your wires as well as you can also get severely injured.

Best Car dvd Player Video Systems:

car video system

It is good to get your car equipped with latest things and systems.

They can be anything. They include branded tiers, nice and high quality rubber mats, stylish and durable seat covers, a power steering, a hi-fi audio and video system etc.

These systems will keep you entertained even on the road. If you are stuck in traffic or waiting for somebody, car video systems can keep you busy and entertained.

You just have to put the CD in the CD rom, press the play button and there you go. You can watch movies, music videos etc easily. You can get the car video systems attached to the ceiling or get them mounted on the dash board, whatever is convenient for you.

You can also get wireless headphones too, with the car video systems.

When you get these systems, be sure about the right place to install them. They should ideally be installed at a place from where the screen is visible to everybody easily and comfortably.

While getting the car video systems installed it is important to be sure that they are installed properly so that they don’t come out leaving their place if you apply the break.

Before you buy car video systems, you should know whether you are able to charge them easily or not. If you can’t charge them again and again get the one that is low power video system.

Bluetooth and IPod integrations are also available with the video systems. Get them if you can afford as they will surely be entertaining. It is better to get the systems that are provided with security systems like cooling fans, thermal protection for the amplifiers and protection against short circuiting.

You can remove the faceplate of the video system before leaving the car as it will not let anybody steal it because without a faceplate, a video system is useless.

Cheap Car Speakers:

Many types of car audio speakers are available in the market.

Generally you have to choose from twelve different types. You can’t only find them in the markets easily but can also get the details about them online. You can easily find cheap car speakers on the sites that offer a wide range of automobile products.

It’s better to visit those sites before making a decision about buying cheap car speakers as there you can find the deals, sales and reviews of the users that will aid you in making a choice.

You can easily find the speakers by Kenwood, Alpine and Infinity at these sites. Before you plan to buy, you should be clear about the price range, your budget limits and the functions that you want in your car speakers as it is not a must that the one you choose has all the functions that you require.

Before choosing cheap car speakers, you should know whether you want aluminum woofer cone or a rubber surround for the speakers. There are other details too that should be kept in mind while choosing the cheap car speakers.

These details include the size of the speakers, the frequency response, peak power of the speakers, their handling capacity etc. Be clear about the mode of payment too if you are getting the cheap car speakers shipped from some other place.

It’s better to get the speakers from a well-known and registered brand.

So before making a choice, read the online reviews about the speakers offered by different brands, get the price comparison details and the list of the features that are offered in that model too.

If you are getting the car speakers from any shop, be sure that the shop is well renowned for its sales and the workers as it is important to get your stuff from a place where the workers are professional and loaded with product details.

Discount Car Stereo

If you want to get a new stereo for your car and you have a low budget limit, it’s a wise decision to get a discount car stereo.

Such discounted and cheap stuffs are easily available at automobile stores. These stores can be anywhere in your town, and you can also get a good stereo from an online store.

Be vigilant about the sales the shops offer. These sales are usually offered by the end of the year and on some special occasions or might be at a time when the earnings of the shop are going high.

Keep a look on the ads of discount car stereo in the buy and sale magazines too. They are loaded with such offers. If you find some, conduct a little research to make price comparison, and then make a decision about the one you want to buy.

Before you get a discount car stereo, you need to inquire about few important things. It is important to know the time for which it was used by the owner if you are getting a second hand stereo, it is also important to know the size, compactness, durability, make and model of these stereos.

If the discount car stereo you choose has to have some accessories, be sure that you get all while purchasing the stereo. Ideally, you should get a discount car stereo that is available with advanced technologies and accessories.

Before purchasing such a stereo, it’s better to read the online reviews available at different sites so that you are equipped with the important hardware knowledge.

Also be sure about the mode of payment if you are getting the stereo shipped from some other place. Be careful about the frauds that are usually done online. It’s better to get the stuff checked before being shipped if you have some relative or a friend living there.